• About The Author

    Victoria M. Sparks is a current undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is currently studying business administration with a concentration in business studies: finance and a minor is dance. She would personally like to introduce you to Plan to Prevail: A Resource Guide for College Bound Students. Victoria was awarded close to $500,000 in scholarships to pursue higher education and desires to show others how to do the same. This program includes the resource guide detailing the awarding winning scholarship process in addition to workshops, boot camps, and one on one consultations to assist students in achieving financial stability throughout college. This guide is designed to assist students during the college application and financial aid process.

    Each chapter should develop you as a student, providing wisdom and guidance, as you embark upon your academic journey.



    "A debt free degree is possible. I do not guarantee full rides, if you do the work, you will see results."

    -Queen V.



  • Meet the Dancer

    Victoria is an aspiring professional dancer and founder of the Arise & Shine Dance Initiative. She developed the Arise & Shine Dance Initiative to help young girls, kindergarten to fifth grade to become active, and to live a healthy lifestyle while having the opportunity to learn the art of dance. This initiative began as a Girl Scout Gold Award Project in Fall, 2016. "I selected this project because I have a passion for dance and I want to prevent childhood obesity.” In the past 30 years, childhood obesity has increased greatly in children and adolescents. “The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States, who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012.” “In the African American and Hispanic Communities, approximately 40% of the children are overweight or obese.” “African American girls are also 80% more likely to be obese than non Hispanic white girls."

    Throughout the years, she has studied all styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, liturgical, hip-hop, African, ballroom, and majorette. She has also trained at various places including Greensboro College Department of Dance, The Pointe! Studio of Dance, Ordained Praise School of Dance, and Nan’s School of Dance. "Dance is a passion of mine.” I am a aspiring professional dancer and have interned at several dance studios and non-profit dance schools including The Pointe! Studio of Dance, The Dance Project, and Create Me Dance. Teaching all styles of dance with professional dance instructors, I have focused on training children ages 2-18."


    To further develop her own skills, she completed master classes and choreography classes with Alfred Gallman, Founder/Director of Gallman’s Newark Dance Theatre, Duane Cyrus, and Camilla Brown as well as trained privately with professional dancers and choreographers: Melvin Sutton, LaNeese Chantal, Alexxus Carr and Devonte J. Wells. In addition to formal training, I have also participated in dance teams throughout my dance career including Kernodle Middle School Dance Team (Captain), Northwest Guilford High School “Vikettes” Dance Team (Choreographer), and the Royal Prancerettes Majorette Dance Team (Captain) of Greensboro, NC. I am also currently pursuing a minor in dance at UNC-Greensboro.


    All of my volunteers and staff are trained and have studied in the Arts & Theatre. I truly hope to give young girls an opportunity to take control of their health at an early age, while being exposed to the art of dance and all its styles. My hope is that all of the young ladies that attend the Arise & Shine Dance Initiative events or sessions will build dance technique, health awareness, respect, confidence and self esteem.

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    There is something for the whole family!

    Scholarship Consultations

    Need help navigating the college application and scholarship process? Let me personalize a plan for you!

    Branding Consultations

    Need help building your brand? Let the Branding Boutique assist you! Services include website design and setup, logo design, signature design, head shots, bio review, business cards, banners, and more!

    Dance Choreography

    Want to grow as a dancer? Need Choreography for your soloist or ensemble! Contact me for your dance private or choreography services!

  • Testimonials


    Devonte J. Wells

    Dance Choreographer, Owner of The Artists' Circle

    "Victoria is a bright and intellectual entrepreneur who caters to the burgeoning demand for financial stability in a variety of professional realms. Her services are highly valuable as a dancer, author and branding consultant."

    B. Nettles

    "A Priceless Toolkit"

    Ms. Sparks produced a terrific book that will help us at a very important time. We are now planning for our daughter's college roadmap. She is giving us practical advice and a keen perspective on the ins and outs of this process. There are some tricks that we haven’t thought of in a while because we are parents and we haven’t done this since the 90s. We look forward to executing her advice during our family journey.
    This is an action-oriented workbook and it is meant for interaction. It is a tool and we will try to complete it together. We hope this helps.

    Tabitha Beck

    "Valuable Advice Book"

    "It helped my nephew find scholarships."

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